Foobler Automatic Self-reloading Classic Smart Toy. 15cm (Blue&orange)

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A dog’s natural instinct is to hunt and forage for food, and Foobler® helps keep their mind and body actively engaged by reinforcing natural instincts to earn meals by using their nose and paws. It fills the gap between pet puzzle toys and time-release feeders to deliver the perfect amount of food by helping to

eliminate overfeeding.


The Foobler® is the world’s first electronic timed treat dispenser. Helping to combat bad

behaviour and keeping your dog stimulated and mentally engaged for up to eight hours of

entertainment. It features six treat compartments, which you can fill with dry food, treats or

kibble, effectively like having six puzzle toys in one! The Foobler® can be set to dispense one of

its treat compartments at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. At the pre-set time a bell will chime,

to alert your dog that it is time to play and a treat compartment will be released. Spreading your

pet’s meals throughout the day, the Foobler® works perfectly as a slow feeder and helps combat against bloating and over-eating, leading to a physically healthier lifestyle.


The product has a plastic tab between the battery and a terminal and this would need to be removed to make the unit fully functional. This might require the removal of the bottom battery pack as per the instructions included with the Foobler®.

  • The Foobler® releases treats at every timed interval into the outer casing. The dog still needs to play with the Foobler® as they

would any standard treat dispenser. The ball is weighted toward the bottom to help encourage play and engagement. If for any

reason, treats have not been dispensed into the outer casing, we recommend checking the unit is powered on by looking at the

light on the power pod. It should be green to indicate that Foobler® has been activated.


If for any reason the Foobler® displays a red light, the following should be done:

Check for jammed kibble in the Foobler® and remove. Wash and dry the Foobler® following cleaning instructions if necessary. Press, hold and release power button to reset.

Replace batteries with a new set if still not fully operational.